The solution you've been asking for.

My name is Simon Capet. I’m the founder and CEO of Koor and I have been conducting choirs in North America and the UK for over 15 years.

I say that Koor is the solution that you have been asking for because, during my career, literally thousands of choral singers have asked me for audio learning aids.

Simon with DCC

My response to these requests has been to either record practice files with me playing the piano and singing each vocal line or directing singers to online midi files.

I have never been happy with either solution. I am not a great singer (particularly when it comes to the alto and soprano lines!), and midi files offer the bare minimum of pitch and rhythm but nothing to inspire.

It has long been my dream to use the power of the internet to provide singers with a solution to learning choral music by ear that is both fun and effective.

So with the help of some very clever techie friends and an ensemble of fabulously talented singers, I created Koor, an app that you can access via your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

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